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Quality First Painting is a locally-owned company, ensuring offering matchless painting services. We perfectly breathe new life into the interior and exterior of your offices or homes. We don’t leave any nook and cranny of the place untouched during painting. Our experts always guarantee satisfaction.


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Our Core Values

Dedication to Perfection and Reliability

At Quality First Painting, our foundation rests on unwavering principles. Integrity guides every brushstroke, as we’re committed to honesty and ethical practices. Excellence drives us, pushing us to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship with each project. Collaboration is at our heart, fostering partnerships that prioritize your vision. These core values define our purpose: transforming spaces with integrity, excellence, and collaborative passion.


Our vision is to stand at the forefront of the painting industry, celebrated not only for our technical expertise but also for our innovative spirit and artistic flair.


At Quality First Painting, our mission roots in the belief that every space holds the potential to be a canvas of beauty and inspiration. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we aim to transform homes and businesses into living works of art.

About Us

We Offer the Best Painting Services for Your Home and Office

Nestled in the heart of Braintree, MA, Quality First Painting is a beacon of expertise and commitment, offering a refined blend of residential and commercial painting services. Our years of practice have perfected our abilities, and we know each paint stroke’s significance. Look no further than our devoted staff if you’re looking for painters that personify honesty and dependability. We delightfully create a work of art that captures your vision rather than merely finishing a project. No canvas is too small or grand for our skilled artisans, as we relish the opportunity to breathe life into spaces of any scale.

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